Whats up everybody??? How has your journey been since we last met on this electronic plane of existence? Spring is finally here and we can kiss the cold snowy days good bye. This entry is going to focus on my experience at Interfuse 2014 in Southern Missouri. It is a regional burn sort of like the epic gathering “Burning Man.”

Interfuse 2014 in southern Missouri was a very unique experience to say the least. I’ve been to many festivals across the country but this was the first burn that i have had the pleasure to attend. It was held outside of Laquey, Missouri by the beautiful lakes of the ozarks. You could see earth coming back to life during this festival. Out of all the amazing experiences I encountered, watching mother nature blossom as we as humans blossomed. The trees sprouted leafs and bloomed flowers over the 3 magical days at Interfuse. Burning man was a unique experience in a sense that there was radical self expression and self reliance. For some these 2 things are a hard thing to wrap your head around. no form of currency is really allowed at this event. You don’t buy thing. You are simply expected to be bringing something to the table. Interfuse, like all other burns are a community…a family, and you can feel it.  Many times i had complete strangers come up and offer my friends and I food, water, and most of all whiskey! There were some of the most amazing people at this event and I have the pleasure of calling some of them my friends.

We ran the Iowa soundcamp, otherwise know as the Acme Camp. We are a little notorious for being loud and knowing how to party. We had djs, rappers, and producers from everywhere from Minnesota and Chicago to taxes and Kansas city play at our soundcamp. We had a Gnarly 16 ft dome that we covered in a tarp and neon colored nylon deco. We had a hazer, a couple led moving heads, a few lasers, and a huge bubble machine  inside the dome keeping the party alive. we had procetions of fractals and other psychedelic art on the outside of the dome and projected onto the trees.

Interfuse was an amazing experience that made me feel much closer to my friends and become close friends with complete strangers. Next year I’m planning on attending the burn called lakes of fire. It is held on the same location as Electric Forest so that makes me very excited!  Ill be doing a post next Wednesday on summer camp music festival in Chillocothe, Illinois. Until then enjoy life, think positive, and send out good vibes!